Cure Your Water Damaged Carpet

Has your Portland OR  carpet suffered water damage? Restoration done by a specialized company is the answer to your problem. Your carpet can only be saved with the help of professionals.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services.The water damage restoration technicians will come to your Portland OR home, and they will quickly begin to extract the water out of the carpet. They will extract as much water out of the carpet as possible and will inspect the carpet in search of damage.

The professionals will look for the carpet’s style, age, color, remaining useful conditions, stains, and remaining useful life. The technician will disengage stretch-in carpet to inspect the installation method and the backing for the type of construction. They will check whether the carpet is tufted or woven. Woven carpets can shrink up to 10%. The specialists will look for matting, stains, exposed seams, and urine stains. A piece of furniture sitting on the carpet can damage the carpet irretrievable. The type of stain that transfers from the furniture to the carpet cannot usually be removed.

Two common problems with water damaged carpets may appear if they are not dried quickly and professionally – delamination and mildew damage. The technician will inspect the carpet to see whether the carpet backing latex adhesive is sound or there are some signs of mold and mildew, as well as any areas of delamination.

Delamination is the separation of the secondary backing from the primary backing of the carpet. When the carpet and the secondary backing are not attached well enough, they will separate, causing an installed carpet to pucker or wrinkle.

A water mitigation expert will know how to follow the latest procedures to ensure a thorough and safe water damage cleanup. They will remove the area contents and then extract the water from the flooded area. Water should be extracted as soon as possible in order to avoid secondary damage. If there is too much water, the soaked carpet and padding will be removed. The specialist will check for moisture trapped behind walls and sub-floor. Then, they will dry the affected area with commercial grade dehumidifiers and grade dryers.

In the end, they will sanitize the area and restore the contents and structure to its pre-flood condition. The water damage experts will have all the equipment, tools and expertise to dry the carpet quickly and efficiently, thus saving you lots of money in replacement costs. They will also help with the mold cleanup. Mold spores released into the air are toxic, and that is why mold and mildew should be removed.

J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc has been providing home and business owners with high quality water damage restoration services for over 25 years. We utilize the best practices and technology to rid your premises of harmful contaminates. Whenever you have water damage in your home, call us, we will help with your problem in a fast and effective manner.