Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration has been a specialty of J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc.

Our team of experts are highly trained in not only extracting water, but also in the remediation efforts required after an accumulation of water has invaded your home. Water damage can include damage to flooring, carpet, walls and the electrical system if the water rises to the level of sockets. Call us today on (503) 246-0989 and explain your problem so we can give you an advice on the actions that need to be taken.

woman calling for emergency water restorationWe begin by quickly removing all flooring materials, so that black mold does not grow in these areas. This may involve scraping off tiles if the water has gotten underneath them. Our crews are experts at detecting this type of water invasion. J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc in Tigard, OR will examine the wall board for water penetration and remove any wall board that is wet. Our expert crew will also examine the wood studding to check for water penetration that may result in black mold. We look in hidden areas where the water may have seeped and settled. We clean this up immediately so that black mold does not grow in these spots.

J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc will haul all damaged material off of your property as quickly as possible. We do not want any mold growing and releasing spores into your living area. The next step is to restore the water damaged area to its original state. We will first dry the area with an industrial type fan. Once we are sure all areas are dry, we will begin to replace the dry wall – our crews are experts at replacing dry wall, so that no one could ever find the joints. J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc has a personnel of professional painters that will finish the area with the highest quality paint. This service is only optional and could be requested additionally on (503) 246-0989. The final step is to lay down the flooring. We are lucky to inform you that our flooring installation experts are adept at laying every type of flooring and will do anything you like no matter the time it takes. Our services are usually charged by the job done and not per hour which gives you more security along with the guarantee that we provide for every water restoration session and expert carpet cleaning services with J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc .

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