Carpet Repair

We offer wide range of services – among them is carpets repair.

For example, if there is a seam that comes off it can be stitched together using a master carpet stitched. In addition, a seam adhesive can also be used if the seam is small. A very common misadventure is food spills; those can be corrected by using our cleaning process with our state-of-the-art shampoo cleaning machines.removing stains from carpetThen the carpet is groomed so every fiber looks even. The grooming goes a long way towards making the carpet aesthetically enjoyable. Once a carpet is cleaned, a safety chemical over spray can be applied that will resist future spills and also prevent the carpet from wearing out. Another service is fabric protection. Whether the fabric is 3M’s Scotchgard or Dupont’s Teflon, our vacuuming services are done using the latest upholstery cleaning supplies which will ensure that the valued piece of furniture will last for a long time in excellent condition. Rug cleaning is done by assessing the problem as we would do with all our services. Then it is cleaned using our state-of-the-art Hoover steam cleaner, specifically designed for intricate jobs.

So with all the services we offer, it is no wonder our customers ask for us again and again, whether it is carpets repair or many of the other high-quality services we offer. At J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc, 100% customer satisfaction is our main priority.

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