Types of Carpet Cleaning Service

Your Portland OR carpet can only benefit from professional carpet cleaning service. Vacuuming alone is not sufficient to clean your carpet properly. Carpet cleaning companies use special methods and cleaning solutions to get rid of the dirt that is embedded in the carpet. They have the necessary equipment and well trained staff to clean your carpet thoroughly.

We can provide you a wide range of cleaning services.Basically, there are two types of carpet cleaning – dry cleaning and hot water extraction.

True dry cleaning is the process of using a waterless liquid to clean carpets. These solvents are petroleum products, which could cause damage to your carpet and some are harmful to breathe. That is why, true dry cleaning products are not used to clean carpets. The term “dry cleaning” is used for low moisture carpet cleaning systems that remove dirt by absorption or transference. The advantages this method are fast dry time, fast production and low cost. The disadvantage is that they do not utilize rinsing to remove detergent and dirt.

There are three types of dry cleaning processes. The first is dry foam, or the application of liquid foam crystallizing shampoo to the carpet. The shampoo is allowed to dry and then is removed, without rinsing, into a vacuum. Most shampoos leave a sticky residue behind and only the most expensive crystallize. The dry foam method is only an interim cleaning process that can be used before hot water extraction cleaning.

top level house cleaning services.The absorbent pad or bonnet cleaning is similar to the dry foam. The difference is that the carpet cleaner sets a large cotton bonnet on your carpet. Dirt is absorbed from your carpet by means of rotating motion. There is no rinsing or flushing. The bonnet should be changed with a clean one frequently; otherwise it will just smear soil around the carpet. Absorbent pad is used for maintenance cleanings only.

The third dry cleaning method is the dry-compound method. The cleaning technician spreads absorbent, moist powder throughout your carpet. They allow the powder to dry and then suck it into a vacuum. This method is also used for maintenance only, and not for restoration.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the process of spraying hot water cleaning solution into your carpet fibers and the quick removal of that solution with a powerful vacuum system. Steam cleaning is the method recommended by all carpet manufacturers. It is the most powerful cleaning equipment available on the market; the only one that cleans your carpet of fungi, bacteria, pollens, chemicals, tobacco residue and all kinds of dirt. Hot water extraction is preferred over dry cleaning because the washing of the carpet is followed by rinsing, thus cleaning your carpet completely.

The equipment that carpet cleaners use for hot water extraction is either portable or truck-mounted. The latter offers the best results and is able to recover up to 95% of the water used in the cleaning process. Portable units are suitable for places where truck-mounted systems cannot reach, such as apartments or office buildings.

The employees of J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc are equally skilled in both dry and steam carpet cleaning methods. We are one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Portland OR; the service we offer is of high quality and our prices are reasonable.

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