Cheap Carpet Cleaning Tips

Send the Big Cleaning Companies to the Poor House

Our employees are fully licensed, bonded and insured.Houses always look much more comfortable and cozy when the floors are carpeted. If one chooses to bring colors and fluffiness in the house, it will require essential carpet cleaning. There is a great variety of fibers, models and sizes. The higher the quality the more maintenance is required.

A housekeeper can choose whether to make the rugs sparkling at home using different chemicals and appliances or to send it for dry cleaning. This depends on the pollution of the rug, whether there are pets in the house, as well as from the fabric of the carpet itself. Babies and young children are also factors that affect the frequency of carpet cleaning needed.

If you decide to do the rug or carpet cleaning yourself you can start with hoovering the floors with a vacuum cleaner in order to suck out all the dust and litter. If there are stains, then a brush and a particular cleaning detergent will e of great help for removing them.Do not just take any derisive that you saw in the supermarket, though. Some chemicals can be hazardous, so you must carefully read the contents of the cleaning product that you have chosen before buying it. There are natural substitutes that are ecologically friendly for environmentally conscious users and do not cost more, so you better choose that option if you want to live in a healthy domestic environment.

There are thousands of suppliers of detergents, shampoos, foams, and pastes for scrubbing and washing carpets. Whether one chooses any of them is a matter of opinion, advice, and brilliant ad which will generally sway a homeowner to a product. An alternative to the modern powerful environmentally friendly products that are on the market are the homemade cleaning agents, that have been working as flawless cleaning products for decades. Some of them include lemon, white bread, washing powder or club soda for stain removal. Carpet cleaning is not nuclear physics after all, sometimes simple mixtures do the same job as expensive cleaning products.

For example, if there are mud stains on your carpet the quickest way to get rid of them is to spray salt, wait for 15 minutes and then vacuum the spot. If children decide that the carpet is a great place to exercise pen writing, hair spray works miracles – just spray amply on the pen marks, wait for it to dry and wash it off with equal proportions of water and vinegar. After a party, if there are red wine spots, just pour some white wine on them – opposites neutralize each other. You can find many similar recipes online if you are interested in using the old cleaning methods. For old slimy stains however nothing works better than a occupational steam or dry cleaning. This is not because of the chemicals that companies like J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc use but because of the equipment. Professional carpet cleaning machines have the ability to extract the dirt prior to the application of the cleaning product. That is why if the carpet cleaning job is a heavy duty one you better consult someone professional rather than doing it yourself.