Cure Your Water Damaged Carpet

Has your Portland OR  carpet suffered water damage? Restoration done by a specialized company is the answer to your problem. Your carpet can only be saved with the help of professionals.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services.The water damage restoration technicians will come to your Portland OR home, and they will quickly begin to extract the water out of the carpet. They will extract as much water out of the carpet as possible and will inspect the carpet in search of damage.

The professionals will look for the carpet’s style, age, color, remaining useful conditions, stains, and remaining useful life. The technician will disengage stretch-in carpet to inspect the installation method and the backing for the type of construction. They will check whether the carpet is tufted or woven. Woven carpets can shrink up to 10%. The specialists will look for matting, stains, exposed seams, and urine stains. A piece of furniture sitting on the carpet can damage the carpet irretrievable. The type of stain that transfers from the furniture to the carpet cannot usually be removed.
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What To Do In The Event Of Water Damage

We provide profesional water damage restoration services in Portland.Water damage at your Portland OR home can cause significant problems and expenses, especially if neglected. Restoration should begin immediately after the damage occurs; otherwise the issue will get worse. Water may not be as devastating as fire, but water can still can pose health risks and cause damage to your property. So, how do we deal with water damage at home?

The first thing you should do is identify the source of the damage. The latter can be minor if it is caused by an accidental spill on the floors carpeting or from an unclosed faucet. The minor damages are often ignored, but they can lead to grave consequences. Even a small leak from a pipe or the roof can cause big damage – if there are cracks in the wall, they will absorb moisture and this will eventually lead to the wall’s collapse. Deal with these minor leaks as soon as they appear, by calling a plumber or a roofer to fix the problem. Continue reading »