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Millions of people prefer carpets as a flooring option because they are soft and warm and make entire family feel at home. Clean carpets not only enhance its look, but are necessary for the well being of the family members and pets. Vacuuming once a week may clean some dust, but cannot ensure the removal of mold, bacteria, dust mites, and debris that comes inside day-after-day due to the pets, kids and visitors. For this reason, professional carpet cleaning is the easiest and best way to keep them clean and in new like condition for years.

J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc has 25 years of professional experience and offers carpet  repair services in Tigard, OR/

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Our carpet cleaning company offers extra cleaning services including carpet, upholstery and difficult surfaces within the Tigard, OR area. The carpet washing company has over 25 years carpet cleaning  practice and is equipped with the latest equipment and advances techniques to get your home or business sparkling.

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With all of the movement that our carpeting gets, it’s not surprising that it sometimes gets damaged. But, many homeowners are uninformed that there is a midway area between replacing your full carpeting and rearranging your household goods to take cover the damaged spots. In truth, carpet cleaners can often carpet repair the harm that your carpeting has incurred. The most ordinary types of carpet repairs we are called upon to move out are inserting patches to change worn or damaged sections of carpet, stair carpet repairs and repairs to broken carpet joins.

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J Curtis Carpet Cleaning Inc use the industry’s most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning method, which will take off ground-in dirty and bring back your carpet’s looks. Additional services such as carpet repair and deodorizer are also available. The carpet cleaning methods is mainly depend on the use of your carpet or rugs and materials of carpet, some carpet are hard to clean than other types of carpet. So if you are thinking to take on a carpet cleaning and carpet washing services, then pick out a professionals carpet cleaning services.

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